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Family Matching Birthday Shirts!

Welcome to the Merch Passions’ Family Matching catalog. We’ve a fantastic selection of the best, and most-original Matching Family T-Shirts that will make for the ultimate Family Birthday party! But just why do these kinds of matching birthday shirts make for such an awesome family party? That’s simple – because we will tailor-make your t-shirts with your kid’s favorite TV show or cartoon characters from hit TV shows such as Rugrats or Sesame Street for example. So just imagine seeing the delight on your kid’s faces as they take in the sight of the whole family in Merch Passions’ Family Shirts! It’ll be a delightful moment – and what’s more – our tees are built to last because they are manufactured using only top-quality 100% soft cotton and are all professionally printed using the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology. So, you and your family can wear your new shirts any time you like in the future and you’ll forever remember the family matching birthday party as well!

How About Kid’s Sizes?

For your kid’s T-shirt sizes – simply check their shirt length and width then take a look at our Sizing Guide for Kids Shirts. Then when you’re sure which size to order, go ahead and add the correct size and your kids shirts will fit snugly on their bodies or you can order a size up for a more baggy fit if you so desire. But please bear in mind that we don’t accept returns for items ordered that are the wrong size – that’s up to you to get right when you order. Thank you.

Steps To Order Our Family Matching T-Shirts

Shopping for our fabulous Family Matching Tees is easy at Merch Passions. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose your shirt size.
Step 2: Add the personalized text for the shirt (eg. James the Birthday Boy 5 or Mommy of the Birthday Boy 5 etc.)
Step 3: Add the shirt to your basket and repeat steps 1-3 for each shirt you would like to order.

Ship Your Birthday Gifts Order Direct To Your Recipient

Upon checkout, you can select a different address to ship your Birthday Gifts order to as you will need to add your own address for creating your order with us and for the payment process verification as normal. So you can have the Birthday Merch arrive directly at your friend or loves one’s mailbox quickly and easily before their birthday! Keep an eye on your shipping times though, it's important to give us enough time to fulfill and ship your order. Please read our Shipping Info page before ordering.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

Why not get two or more fantastic personalized Birthday Merch gifts for your friend or loved one and if your order is over $50 and you’re shipping locally within USA, we’ll pay your shipping fees!